Dynamic Precision Library

Creating Novel Antibodies with Purpose and Precision

Our Dynamic Precision Library platform is composed of three proprietary technologies tailored to three key attributes of antibody-based therapeutic modalities:

  • NEObody™ enables the generation of antibodies designed with dynamic binding sites that adapt kinetically to unique epitopes through novel MOAs, which we refer to as NEObodies.
  • SAFEbody® enables the generation of masked antibodies and NEObodies that are designed to be selectively activated in the tumor microenvironment, or TME, potentially limiting on-target off-tumor toxicity in normal tissues, which we refer to as SAFEbodies.
  • POWERbody™ applies our SAFEbody technology to powerful antibody-based modalities such as creating new SAFE bispecific T-cell engagers, SAFE antibody-drug conjugates, or SAFE-ADC®, or antibodies that are designed to reach beyond the therapeutic potency of traditional monospecific antibodies.
Technology Platform

Our Technology Platform

The DPL technology platform – composed of NEObody™, SAFEbody® and POWERbody™ – is creating diverse product franchises of antibodies with novel MOAs for single-agent and combination therapies being developed by Adagene and our global partners.

“The successful discovery of therapeutic antibodies hinges on identifying appropriate affinity binders targeting a diversity of molecular epitopes… Antibody campaigns that yield such broad “epitope coverage” increase the likelihood of identifying candidates with the desired biological functions.” 1

1 Sivasubramanian A, Estep P, Lynaugh H, et al. Broad epitope coverage of a human in vitro antibody library. MAbs. 2017;9(1):29-42. doi:10.1080/19420862.2016.1246096 Accessed August 20, 2020