NEObody™ platform is a fully synthetic phage display and yeast display-based antibody discovery platform, which we believe is differentiated from other synthetic antibody platforms due to its innovative designs and precise constructions. Our designs are based on critical insights gained from extensive studies of antibody structural variability made possible by our proprietary computational tools developed in-house.

Broad epitope coverage, particularly of evolutionarily conserved epitopes

  • NEObody platform enables us to discover antibodies targeting numerous epitopes against a broad range of antigens. In particular, we focus on the antibodies targeting the conserved epitopes of divergent antigens.
  • These species cross-reactive antibodies not only have the potential to reveal new biological functions of the targets, but also facilitate preclinical studies using various immune intact animal models, resulting in high fidelity translation from preclinical to clinical studies.

Good developmental profiles

  • This precision design strategy and construction strategy have resulted in our high-quality antibody discovery libraries that eliminate problematic sites that may pose risk for downstream manufacturing.
  • Adagene only selects “translatable” antibody candidates with robust CMC profiles and desired safety and efficacy attributes for downstream development.

Three clinical programs, ADG106, ADG116 and ADG104, are currently using the NEObody platform.