Pipeline & Programs

A Robust, Transformative Pipeline of Wholly Owned Assets1

By leveraging our proprietary DPL and three platform technologies, we have developed a robust pipeline of innovative product candidates in various stages of development, including our lead candidate, ADG126 SAFEbody, which is currently in phase 1b/2 clinical development.

ADG126 is a fully human anti-CTLA-4 SAFEbody, which applies SAFEbody precision masking technology to its parental unmasked version, ADG116, to further enhance safety and efficacy profiles by masking the antibody binding site which is then conditionally activated in the TME to limit on target, off tumor toxicity. ADG126 targets a unique epitope to CTLA-4 and is designed to provide an enhanced therapeutic window and optimize efficacy by enabling higher, more frequent and repeated doses of anti[1]CTLA-4 therapy with constant target engagement that may unlock the full potential of CTLA-4 as a proven target for strong ADCC-mediated Treg depletion in the TME. ADG126 has shown a potential best-in-class profile in clinic, which is consistent with and enabled by the broad species cross-reactivity of ADG126 for extensive preclinical evaluation from mouse, rats and monkeys, including GLP toxicology data. ADG126 is currently in phase 1b/2 evaluation, with a focus on phase 2 dose expansion in combination with pembrolizumab in patients with advanced/metastatic MSS CRC.

Earlier stage candidates that apply our SAFEbody precision masking technology include ADG206, a masked, Fc-enhanced anti-CD137 agonistic POWERbody. ADG206 incorporates SAFEbody precision masking technology and is designed to achieve improved safety and efficacy. ADG206 has demonstrated enhanced crosslinking by FcγRIIb in vitro upon activation and antitumor activity in vivo, while the SAFEbody masking technology limits on-target off-tumor toxicities by preferential activation in the TME. ADG206 is currently in Phase 1 development with monotherapy dose escalation ongoing.

Additionally, we have two IND-ready preclinical programs (ADG153, a masked, IgG1 anti-CD47 SAFEbody, and ADG138, a novel HER2xCD3 POWERbody bispecific TCE that is masked on both arms), as well as another preclinical program (ADG152, a CD20xCD3 POWERbody with masking on the CD3 arm) in the IND-enabling phase. We are developing anti-CD28 bispecific POWERbody TCEs enabled by our suite of antibody platform technologies. We have previously published preclinical data showing the scientific rationale for these differentiated programs.

We also have two clinical-stage NEObody product candidates, ADG116 and ADG106, for which we have conducted previous clinical studies that demonstrate the potential clinical benefits of targeting a unique epitope with our NEObody platform. Both of these candidates are currently in phase 1b/2 evaluation.

Our POWERbody platform integrates SAFEbody precision masking with various antibody-based modalities to further enhance efficacy and safety


1 Two additional candidates derived from Adagene’s AI-powered antibody platform are in development by other entities.  These include ADG104, an anti-PD-L1 antibody in phase 2 development by Sanjin, and ADG125, an antibody targeting CSF-1R in phase 1 development by Dragon Boat Biopharmaceutical.